Web Design Trends that are Currently Not Worth Your Time

When I revamped our boreholes drilling company’s website and a translation services company’s site, I knew that we had to keep up to date with the latest trends. While there is a lot of talk about the direction in which web design is heading and the new trends that should be embraced, it is easy to forget how far web design has come and highlight some of the trends that have been passed by time. There are two essentials to why these would be a great tact. For starters, it would be a great way to appreciate the mileage that has been covered and second, it would be a great way to address some of the trends that should not be appearing on websites in the current day and age. Here are some trends recognized by web design manchester professionals and marketing experts that have been around for a while.

3D designs.

When they were the in-thing, there is no question that they added depth to the layout. However, they also added to the complexity and the load that the user had to see. They have since been replaced by the flat designs that transforms overly fancy and distracting websites into a simple and clean interface that is more user friendly.

Endless web pages.

There were days when websites would just add a page when they had a new idea. Websites comprised on pages upon pages making it harder for user to find particular content. In the spirit of minimalism, most websites in the current age are comprised of just one page allowing sites to have better functionality and provide improved experience.

Miniature images.

Marc Polanskylan runs a plus size clothing store online and also a tree surgeon bolton business and notes “While in the past websites would have tens of images that they would use to try to make the message clear, while the images have not yet become obsolete, the numbers have dwindled and the size has evolved. Web design is embracing larger images for backgrounds that help to capture the essence of the website. Naturally, with larger images, the numbers have to be reduced an in most instances, just one is being used.”

It is expected that as time passes by and web design as well as the designers get more enlightened, there will be further evolution. The best way to keep your website relevant is to stay updated and adjust accordingly. Have it in mind that a good web design is critical to your SEO and consequently your rankings.